Because the Cala Learning Hub is above all a network, this last webinar of the year 2020 was dedicated to the topic of networking and an opportunity for professionals to connect.

Want to know more about emotions and what is called "mindfulness"? This was precisely the theme of the last Cala Learning Hub webinar.

This new Cala Learning Hub webinar focused on the challenges faced by working mothers in companies. A subject that is more topical than ever.

For this first meeting of autumn 2020, the members of the Cala Learning Hub network came together to discuss the topical theme of leadership.

For several years, the phenomenon of impatriation has ever been increasing. But who are these foreign employees who come to France? And above all, how can companies support them? Cala Consulting collected their testimonials during a World Café workshop.

In 2020 – because of lockdown- the Cala Learning Hub meet ups continued via Zoom. At each meeting, the participants had the opportunity to connect and share their experiences.

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