Individual coaching

Plan de développement individuel

Do you want to take on an ambitious professional challenge?

Cala Consulting offers you personalised support, face-to-face or remotely, to help you improve your performance and achieve fulfilment at work.

A certified ILM coach (Institute of Leadership & Management, London), Joanna Menezes encourages you to reflect and to look inward to help you find your own resources and solutions. To do this, she listens, asks questions and opens up a range of possibilities.

How can coaching help you? Using techniques such as questioning, active listening, reformulation and positive feedback, the coach helps her clients to become aware of their resources and their limitations in relation to a defined objective. The coach helps individuals to develop an understanding of themselves and others, to take a step back and put themselves in a positive frame of mind, so that solutions to the problems they face and a concrete action plan can emerge.

How to choose a professional coach?

Our individual coaching programmes, in French or English, cover a range of themes such as:

* includes the completion of the DiSC questionnaire

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