Changing jobs, changing careers

Working in a multicultural environment

Enhancing team dynamics

Travail en milieu multiculturel

Managing your career transitions effectively

Giving your career a new boost

Changing career paths

Elan Carrière

Leveraging cultural diversity in the workplace

Promoting intergenerational cooperation

Achieving gender diversity in the workplace

Coopération diversité

You are a student or recent graduate

You are undergoing a career transition

You are a corporate executive,
HR professional or line manager

Coopération diversité
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Created by Joanna Menezes, bilingual (French/English) certified coach and corporate trainer, Cala Consulting provides customised support to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

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Cala Consulting provides support in the areas of career transitions, gender diversity, intercultural management, intergenerational cooperation and team dynamics.

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