Are you a self-centred, reactive, creative or integral leader? This was one of the main concepts discussed on 5th November 2020 during the webinar "How to develop your leadership skills when faced with the complexities of today's business world", which was hosted by the coach and psychosocial practitioner Pierre Nénert, one of Cala Consulting's partners. On that day, about twenty professionals of different nationalities (HR managers, team managers...) came together, all eager to learn more about the subject.

The different stages of the mind’s development

"Vision', 'collective intelligence', 'inclusion'... These are some of the key words used by the participants to define leadership. But to be a good leader, you have to start by looking at the different stages of adult development, highlighted Pierre Nénert. With age, the complexity of the mind increases and even more so when the environment is "challenging" as in our current health crisis context.

Figures and scientific studies show that the vast majority of leaders are 'reactive', i.e. they act according to external expectations. However, there are higher stages of development (creative, integral, etc.) in which leaders are often much more effective.

Several solutions for strengthening leadership

So how do you become an effective leader? One of the keys is to know yourself better, through online assessment tools for example. Secondly, it is important to rely on methods based on adult development approaches, which are already used by many large companies around the world. Using specialists in the field, such as expert leadership coaches or consultants, can also be of great help.

A "very interesting and surprising" topic according to the participants, who left with reading tips and the desire to dig deeper into the subject. See you at the next webinar... 

Webinar Leadership Pierre Nénert