In the absence of Ulysses, who had gone off to fight in the Trojan war, the education of his son Telemachus was entrusted to one of his friends named "Mentor." This old man was to be a guide, role model and trusted advisor to the young Telemachus as he prepared for his future role as King.

Today, the word "mentor" refers to a person who shares his/her experience and knowledge with another person, named “mentee”, who is seeking support and advice on technical know-how and interpersonal skills in order to achieve specific goals.

Mentors are neither trainers nor coaches nor consultants. Their role is to share their experience and knowledge so that they may empower mentees to find their own solutions. This is a relationship of mutual personal development founded on trust, dialogue and active listening.

Companies that set up mentoring programmes wish to empower managers, support certain categories of people, such as young recruits or women, strengthen team cohesion and encourage the transfer of knowledge and skills.

Our service offer

Cala Consulting supports companies in the creation and management of mentoring programmes within the context of HR processes designed for:

  • High-potential employees (promotion of women, leadership programmes, etc.)
  • Young recruits and senior staff (intergenerational management)
  • Expatriates (career management and repatriation management)

Cala Consulting also offers individual mentoring programmes on themes such as:

  • Undertaking career transitions (changing roles or companies, changing career paths, career management for women, online/offline professional network management, outplacement, etc.)
  • Improving work-life balance
  • Leading a multicultural or intergenerational team
  • Managing expatriation/impatriation /repatriation
  • Improving skills in stress, time and conflict management