Corporate training


Formation professionnelleCorporate training

Corporate training enables an individual to acquire new skills throughout his/her working life in order to guarantee employability and optimise career management.

Employees are offered training opportunities by their company's training plan. They are also able to use their personal training account (CPF), individual training leave (CIF), skills assessment leave (CBC) and work experience validation leave (CVAE). Funding for training and pay are then handled by the collecting body (Opca, Opacif) to which the company is assigned.

The corporate trainer supports employees in the acquisition of technical knowledge and know-how, interpersonal skills and new working methods.

After receiving a request for training , the trainer designs or is involved in the design of a training programme with specific learning goals.

He/she then delivers the course, using an interactive teaching method which alternates theoretical content, practical exercises and the sharing of best practices which allows for both individual and group reflection.

Finally, the trainer invites participants to consider the course content in the context of their professional practices.

Cala Consulting is a training organization registered with DIRECCTE.

Our service offer

Cala Consulting offers training programmes on the following themes:

  • Leveraging cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Facilitating intergenerational cooperation
  • Boosting leadership skills with coaching tools
  • Improving performance by promoting gender diversity
  • Efficiently managing career transitions and ensuring employability