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Cala Consulting’s training courses help you develop new skills so you can improve your employability and optimise your career.

Joanna Menezes, a corporate training expert, will help you acquire theoretical knowledge and develop working methods, technical know-how and soft skills.

Her method is pedagogical, interactive and based on a combination of theory, practical exercises and feedback. The aim is to get participants to apply the training session content to their own workplace experiences and practices.

Cala Consulting is a DIRECCTE (French Regional Council for business, competition, consumers, work and employment) registered training organisation.

Our service

We offer corporate training courses in French or English, face to face or virtually:

  • Leading remote teams effectively
  • Understanding the challenges of intercultural and intergenerational management
  • Living and working in France
  • Supporting employees of different nationalities more effectively
  • Managing diversity and promoting inclusion in the workplace
  • Leveraging gender diversity in the workplace
  • Easing the transition back to work after maternity/paternity/parental leave
  • Supporting maternity in the workplace and empowering working mothers
  • Ensuring greater interpersonal efficiency with the DISC personality profiling tool*
  • Becoming a mentor and developing a mentor mindset

* with the DISC questionnaire