coach individuelWorkplace Coaching

Workplace coaching is a personalised face-to-face relationship that enables a person to resolve an issue or develop a new skill, with the aim of optimising performance and achieving professional fulfilment.

The coach encourages reflection and introspection in order to raise awareness, develop skills and help an individual achieve his/her potential.

To this end, the coach uses several approaches derived from the fields of humanities and social sciences, including transactional analysis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), systemic coaching, personality tests such as Puzzle DISC and interpersonal tools such as NVC (non-violent communication) and positive psychology. The coach also relies on his/her initial training and professional and personal experiences.

Our service offer

Cala Consulting offers workplace coaching programmes on themes such as:

  • Preparing for a new role or promotion
  • Managing career transitions *
  • Developing specific skills (communication, interpersonal, organisational etc.)
  • Improving performance as a leader or manager
  • Managing a multicultural team or successfully managing expatriation and/or impatriation

* Career assessment, changing roles or companies, career changes, career management for women, outplacement, etc.

coach equipeTeam coaching

Team coaching consists in developing a team's ability to work well together and contributes to improving overall group performance.

It enables a team to take a step back and consider how it functions, to have a clearer understanding of the needs and values of each member and to establish or restore a sense of trust and solidarity within the group.

The role of the coach is to enable the team to develop its efficiency as well as its collective intelligence and to facilitate collaboration between individuals.

Team coaching is a complex learning experience as it takes into account each member of the team individually as well as the group as a whole.

Our service offer

Cala Consulting offers team coaching programmes on themes such as:

  • Resolving conflicts and improving team dynamics
  • Launching a team project or co-constructing an action plan, a charter, etc.
  • Facilitating the integration of new team members or a new manager
  • Creating or strengthening team cohesion in an international context
  • Managing organisational transformation

NB : Team coaching can be combined with one or several individual coaching programmes (that of the team manager and that of one or several members of the team.