Get to know yourself better

coach individuelIndividual Coaching

Do you have a specific professional challenge you need to work on? Cala Consulting offers you personalised support, either face-to-face or remotely, to help ensure greater performance and fulfilment at work.

An ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management, London)-certified coach, Joanna Menezes encourages you to look deep inside yourself so you can unleash your own resources and solutions. To do this, she listens, asks questions and helps you identify new possibilities.

Our unique approach? Short coaching programmes (3-10 hours) focusing on finding practical solutions.

Our service

Our individual coaching sessions, in French or English, cover a number of areas:

  • Preparing for a new role or promotion
  • Navigating career transitions: career assessment, career changes etc.
  • Developing specific skills: communication, interpersonal, organisational, etc.
  • Improving performance as a leader or manager
  • Career management for women
  • Ensuring a smooth expatriation, impatriation or repatriation

Get to know others better

coach equipeTeam coaching

Cala Consulting’s team coaching aims to help members of the same team work together more effectively and thus improve collective performance.

Professional coach Joanna Menezes facilitates interactions between individuals to allow the team to boost its efficiency and collective intelligence. Our approach focuses on individual team members and on the group as a whole.

The result? Your team will gain some valuable perspective and insights into the way it works, learn more about the values and needs of each of its members, and establish (or re-establish) a climate of trust and mutual support.

Our service

We offer a range of team coaching programmes*, in French or English:

  • Managing a multicultural or intergenerational team
  • Building or strengthening team spirit in an international and virtual context
  • Resolving conflicts and improving team dynamics
  • Launching a joint project or co-building an action plan, charter, etc.
  • Ensuring seamless onboarding of new staff or managers
  • Managing a business transformation situation

* Team coaching may be combined with one or more individual coaching sessions (for team managers, other team members etc.)