Progressing with the help of others



Do you want to learn from others in order to move ahead on you career path? Then co-development is for you! It is based on a group learning approach that focuses on the interactions between participants, experience sharing and collective intelligence.

As a certified professional coach, Joanna Menezes facilitates co-development sessions according to the model designed by Adrien Payette and Claude Champagne, whilst rigorously observing the golden rules of confidentiality, empathy and mutual support.

The aim of co-development is to share common concerns, gain some perspective on a given situation, discover new approaches to problem-solving and overcome obstacles.

Our service

Cala Consulting can organise and facilitate, in French or in English, co-development groups for:

  • First-time and middle managers
  • HR professionals
  • Parents returning from maternity/paternity/parental leave
  • French expatriates  and international employees working in France
  • Mentors and mentees
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners.