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This webinar from April 2021 was about communicating in a virtual environment. A chance to discuss a topical subject with many practical tips as a bonus.

On the menu of the last Cala Learning Hub webinar: the discovery of an innovative tool that allows you to better understand your personality and thus develop your leadership.

To kick off 2021, the Cala Learning Hub's first webinar of the year was dedicated to the subject of inclusion. A topic that companies are taking a greater interest in.

Do you know what the Cala Learning Hub is? Three questions for Joanna Menezes, founder of Cala Consulting.

Because the Cala Learning Hub is above all a network, this last webinar of the year 2020 was dedicated to the topic of networking and an opportunity for professionals to connect.

Want to know more about emotions and what is called "mindfulness"? This was precisely the theme of the last Cala Learning Hub webinar.

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